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What do you remember from 2002?

19 May

What do you remember from 2002?

What do you remember from 2002? Do you remember that Eurovision was held in Tallinn that year?

Or that Nokia was introducing its new models 6310, 9210, 3410 and 3510, with the latter supporting Multimedia Messaging Service? How about the music charts? Missy Elliott and Nelly and Eminem who conquered to top spots with their hits?

This all happened 15 years ago.

So close, yet so far away. All these things sound familiar to us when someone happens to mention them. But if someone were to say that this was all 15 years ago, some of us raises an eyebrow and asks, ‘What do you mean? It seems like yesterday.’ Others raise an eyebrow, too, but this time because it seems like a century ago. Who’s right? Hard to say. Is 15 years a long or short time?

Why am I talking about all of this anyway?

See, something else happened 15 years ago. A hotel opened its doors for the first time. Can you say which one? Did you say that the one in Kadrioru? Near the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds? You’re going at the right direction.

The hotel that opened 15 years ago was indeed the Oru Hotel – the very home for myself and for many others. Our small but cosy hotel has won the hearts of our regular clients and is making its way to the hearts of new visitors.

We would like to thank all those who have helped us this far and allowing us to celebrate a wonderful birthday this month!