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What do people leave in hotel rooms?

19 Sep

What do people leave in hotel rooms?

It is quite usual that people leave their glasses or a used shampoo bottle at the hotel, but there have been instances where, for example, a suitcase full of diamonds has been forgotten at the hotel.

At Oru Hotel, it is customary that we contact the guest, but of course, you are always welcome to call our reception at +3726033300 if you discover you have left something behind. Luckily or sadly, there has not been any extraordinary finds in our hotel.

Could you imagine forgetting your pet when packing? This happened in a hotel in Scotland where the staff found a sad little Shetland pony left behind.

In Budapest, a bag full of snails was found. Namely, one guest had spent their entire vacation collecting snails, but when they checked our they forgot the snails.

If a hotel employee finds a suitcase that has been left behind, they usually would not expect to find a pile of leg prostheses in it, along with suitable shoes for each pair.

A set of breast implants was found in a hotel in Great Britain.

Most often books are left at the hotels. In 2013, a total of 7,000 copies of Fifty Shades of Grey were left at the Travellodge hotels.

In Essex, the hotel maid found a spray tanning booth in one of the rooms. A girls’ night had gotten so wild that when the visitors left, they forgot to pack all their things. It happens.

Have you forgotten anything at a hotel?