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We’ll stay

31 Jul

We’ll stay

Imagine, this year 26,000 singers and musicians with more than 70,000 onlookers participated in the 12th Youth Song and Dance Celebration “Here I’ll Stay”. Imagine the mass of people. Imagine the mass of people on the Song Festival Grounds. And now multiply the people on the Song Festival Grounds by twenty…

This totals to more than half a million! More specifically, 503,534 people have found their way to our house over the years. Hotel Oru has been open since 2002 when the 9th Youth Song and Dance Celebration took place. Back then there were 19,000 singers.

And just like the song festival has grown, so has the number of people visiting us. We’ll stay.

Along with the singers and dancers, we too have always been happy when the Song Festival Grounds are filled with singing Estonians. It feels really nice to open the windows and let the celebration flow in.

Our clients already know that when they are staying with us, it means a celebration. But not always. The Song Festival Grounds are not filled with musicians or singers every day. There are quieter days when you can just take a stroll on the Song Festival Grounds, or when it’s winter you can take a sleigh ride, or swing below the stage roof…

If you have not found your way to the Hotel Oru yet, then now it is time to head over here because we have something for everyone – children, art aficionados, romantics, businessmen, people just looking to relax – read more about our packages here.

See you soon! If not earlier, then on 5–7 July 2019 when the next Song and Dance Festival is held. The young will be here again in five years.