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Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day
13 Feb

Valentine’s Day

I like the fact that in Estonia Valentine’s Day is also celebrated as Friends Day. Not everyone has a “Valentine” or “Valentina” on call, yet we all have friends and giving friendship the recognition it reserves is a sweet thing to do. Besides, it’s a well-known fact that our spouses and partners are oftentimes our best friends. If there are kids in the family, it’s nice not having to “get rid of them” on Valentine’s Day and, rather, be able to celebrate Friends Day all together.

What am I getting at with this introduction? At the end of last year we had a raffle, the grand prize of which was a relaxing break at our hotel. Merilin, the lucky winner, was happy to have fortune smile on her as she was now able to celebrate her wedding anniversary at the hotel.

When I asked her later if they had enjoyed their vacation, she told me they had enjoyed it very much, especially their two kids who also came along. I thought it was really nice that the parents didn’t look at the prize won as “a well-earned break just for themselves”- that’s how we, parents, call our little hotel escapes, don’t we? – and instead turned it into a fun family vacation. The children were mesmerized by the fish tank and drawing nook, while the parents thoroughly enjoyed our breakfast. I was especially glad to hear Merilin and her husband give special praise to our duvets and pillows which, they said, were as soft as a cloud. Our previous post mused about this very topic and I was happy to hear our clients were paying attention.

Back to the beginning of the story – Valentine’s Day aka Friends Day is almost here. Social media is already full of hints for men and women alike as to what gifts should be given and expected. Here’s a hint from us: bring along your kids and spouse or partner and enjoy a fun Friends Day with us. Check out in the morning as late as possible and fully enjoy a wondrous mini vacation in the middle of the work week. You should be able to allow this for yourself from time to time, don’t you think?