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The Key to a Perfect Good Night’s Sleep – It’s Joutsen!

1 Dec

The Key to a Perfect Good Night’s Sleep – It’s Joutsen!

To be completely honest, I have a quirk. When I go to bed, I like to wrap myself in a soft and warm blanket, so that only the tip of my nose and my toes are showing, and in order to ensure especially sound sleep, my pillow has to be comfortable and top-quality. If possible, I always take my pillow with me on longer trips, because for me there is nothing worse than a nice holiday ruined by bad sleep.

comfortable soft pillows on the bed, white

Decent blankets and pillows are important! And there is no place where they are more important than a hotel. No matter if you are staying at a hotel for business or for pleasure, having a good night’s sleep and waking up fully rested is equally important. We at the Oru hotel wish that our quests feel like they are in their home away from home, which is why we have invested in high-quality blankets and pillows. We now have Joutsen blankets and pillows in every hotel room. Each customer gets two pillows, to make their stay even more enjoyable.

White pillows. Isolated

Joutsen is a family business that was founded in 1936, when Marius Pedersen came across the idea upon seeing his wife Saima washing feathers in the sauna. Soon after, the whole family was invested in the business. Marius realized that the key to the company’s success can only be skills, high quality, and great customer service. These are the principles that the company still holds true today. As the most Northern manufacturer of feather products, Joutsen values the Northern lifestyle and nature – much like there are no compromises made in nature, there are none made in Joutsen.


I could go on and on about this wonderful family business, but I am sure you know the saying that seeing is believing. I would like to expand this and say that feeling is believing. You will discover the key to a perfect good night’s sleep when you stay with us.