Narva mnt 120, Tallinn 10127, Eesti

Group menus

Ordering terms:
The price of the group menu is for one person, and it includes the value added tax.
If any members of the group are vegetarians or allergic to certain products, please let us know about it in advance, and choose a menu suitable for them.
Advance ordering 48 h before the day of event.
One chosen menu is valid for the entire group.
Borsch4 €
Onion soup with roasted white bread4 €
Tomato and mozzarella salad “Capresse”4 €
Glass noodle and chicken salad5 €
Cocktail salad with prawns5 €
Tomato and paprika soup with white fish5 €
Main courses
Chicken pieces on a skewer with fresh vegetables and curry sauce10 €
BBQ pork steak with spiced potato wedges, baked tomatoes and garlic sauce10 €
Main courses
Pike-perch fillet with a herbed crust, mashed potatoes, salad mix, and lemon and butter sauce11 €
Beef schnitzel Milan-style with classic potato salad and white wine sauce11 €
Main courses
Corn fed chicken with herbed rice, fresh salad and “Cafe De Parise” sauce13 €
Baked trout with couscous, vegetables and fennel sauce13 €
Cheesecake with strawberry jam5 €
Brownie with vanilla sauce5 €
Chocolate fondant with vanilla ice-cream5 €
Raspberry cake with chocolate sauce5 €