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Oru Hotel truly is my second home

12 Sep

Oru Hotel truly is my second home

Oru Hotel truly is my second home. Yet not because I spend a lot of time there due to work – well, that too, naturally; what I mean is the special feeling you have when at home. Oru Hotel is small, yet cozy. You know the Estonian children’s song – “my home is teeny-tiny, yet so dear to my heart”? That’s it. That’s the feeling.



On my first tour of the hotel we walked past a bookshelf in the hallway. Nabokov’s Lolita caught my eye and I couldn’t help but smile. When I was still a small child, Lolita, standing on a bookshelf at our house, seemed such an exciting, yet somehow forbidden book. I don’t think my parents really would have forbidden me from reading it; nevertheless, I read the novel on the QT. It was my little secret. Now, seeing the book on a bookshelf here at the hotel, I picked it up for the first time as an adult and not in secret at all. “Oh, I do want to read this in my room after work,” I said, all brave, and continued the walk through the building, holding the book in my hand for everyone to see.


My reunion with Lolita marked the moment at which Oru Hotel became a place where I always feel at home. So will you, I hope. If you have yet to visit us, allow me to tell you a little bit about our building.

The hotel features 50 comfortable rooms, among them a suite with sauna, an apartment room, a room with a Jacuzzi, and family rooms. We have special rooms for people with allergies and those with disabilities. And you know what else? We are always happy to welcome your four legged friends. Isn’t that good to know? There are two beauty salons at the hotel, a feature which never fails to make the ladies smile – what could be more pleasant than a hair stylist and beautician right at your fingertips, so to speak.

I for one heartily recommend our hotel for a family vacation as well. First, there is ample space in our family rooms for up to five people; second, our convenient location right in the immediate vicinity of Kadriorg Park and the Song Festival Grounds provides the whole family with a boatload of fun and sightseeing opportunities. Did you read our last post? It contains a few suggestions for leisure activities during your stay with us.



Looking for a venue for a birthday party, wedding, another type of a gathering, or a training seminar/lecture, look no further than our restaurant and banquet hall. We are small enough, yet just the right size to make sure you have a cozy and comfortable time, while conveniently accommodating all your friends and acquaintances.

A cordial hello from me indeed! Welcome to my second home!