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From Scooter to Caater and to Oru Hotel!

24 Oct

From Scooter to Caater and to Oru Hotel!

Unexpectedly (just like every year), the summer has suddenly turned into autumn and in connection with this I have to apologize to all blog readers that I have been so busy enjoying the late summer moments that I have not shared one guest story with you.

But a proverb says “better late than never”.

Well, you know that one of the biggest advantages of our hotel is the immediate vicinity of Tallinn Song Festival Grounds and so there is nothing to wonder that the hotel is rather quickly sold out during major events that take place there. Which one of us wouldn’t like if in order to go for a concert you only have to step outside the door of your home. Whereas, I have to mention you also that the expression “door of your home” was used by the guests of our today’s story themselves, this warmed my heart because this is exactly what we want to be for our guests – a homely hotel.

Kristiina and Viljar booked a room with us for this week-end in August when “We love the 90’s” Retro Music Festival took place on Saturday. I inquired politely from them whether they plan to go to this event and whether they wouldn’t mind if I wrote a guest story about them in my blog. Otherwise I just keep talking here myself why I like Oru Hotel but it would be honest to share the opinions of our guests also.

Just as I thought, they were going to the Music Festival and they decided in favour of our hotel namely thanks to its location. “Actually, we live in Tallinn and could have also gone back home from the Music Festival but being the parents of three children it felt so enticing to take some time for ourselves,” told Kristiina.

“We grew up listening to the 1990s music and our old favourites from the time when we went to discos downright invited us to this event,” explained Viljar and added with a smirk that when his wife proposed to stay at the hotel for the night he didn’t have anything against it because it is not possible at home to enjoy peacefully the mornings in bed while watching TV.

They both were at Oru Hotel for the first time but they promise as if speaking with one voice that they will definitely come back, especially if they should come to some Song Festival Grounds event. “It is so convenient, you don’t have to worry about parking or traffic jams, and you don’t have to think about whose turn it is to drive home,” Viljar laughs.

“What did you like the most about Oru Hotel?” I ask them.

“I liked the peace and homely feeling, although we were here for the first time but the customer service people made us feel as if we were regular customers, we received such a warm and friendly welcome here,” praises Kristiina.

Viljar commends the breakfast. “Better than at home,” he says and notices at once Kristiina’s inquisitive and slightly reproving glance. “No, I didn’t mean that your breakfasts are bad,” smoothes the man. “It was simply so good that there was such a big selection, well, such a change….” Kristiina softens and agrees with the man. “Yes, actually it is really pleasant just to wake up and start to enjoy the breakfast with no stress.”

“We will definitely come back!” promises Kristiina while taking her leave. Viljar waves and even I feel for a moment as if we have known each other before. In any case, welcome back! The doors and windows of our house will be waiting for you wide open.