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Duck Race 2016

8 Jun

Duck Race 2016

Just a couple of years ago, I mostly associated yellow rubber ducklings with the pub named The Snuggly Duckling from the animated movie Tangled. You know, the place where they sang about dreams. Today, however, I mostly associate it with the Duck Race.

The Duck Race is a charity event brought into being by the Estonian Childhood Cancer Parents Alliance (ECCPA) in 2014 – a rubber duck swimming competition aimed at raising awareness about the situation of children with cancer and their families. But you already knew this, right? At this moment, there is probably no one who has not heard anything about this entertaining event with a wonderful goal.




Duck Race 2016 is taking place on Saturday, 11 July at Kadriorg Park. This year, the event is being organised in cooperation with the Tartu University Hospital Children’s Foundation to raise funds for the provision of the services of the support centre for children with cancer and their families, established by the ECCPA, and for supplying children who suffer from severe diseases with medical formula food.

Medical formula food is essential for severely ill children who are unable to eat regular food or get the necessary nutrients from it for different reasons. This includes children who are unable to eat by mouth and are fed with a tube as well as those who need high-calorie liquid food to maintain weight gain. The special formula powder makes sure that children get the calories, nutrients and vitamins they need for age appropriate growth and development. In some cases, formula food must be used for the rest of the life, while in other cases it is needed only temporarily, for example before or after a surgery. Consuming formula food not only gives strength to severely ill children to defeat the disease, but it also has a positive effect on the treatment results.

If you are currently in search of a hotel in Tallinn, here is a good reason to choose Hotel Oru for spending the night. Hotel Oru is the gold sponsor of this year’s Duck Race, and from 1 to 11 June 2016 will donate for the DUCK RACE charity 2 euros of each night you spend and have already paid for.

Come visit us, take part in the entertaining charity event at Kadriorg Park on 11 June – let us together support those who need it!